The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Airbrush Kit

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Airbrush Kit

Airbrushing involves the process of spraying superfine particles of liquid paint onto any surface.  Airbrushes function as air-operated tools. The items are useful pieces of equipment that are mainly used to spray paints. However, the devices are also helpful in various ink or dye-oriented tasks.

It is common for creative individuals to benefit from airbrushing techniques, mainly to print logos or write on clothing. The entire procedure is relatively simple, and even amateurs can efficiently use airbrushes that are designed to offer a user-friendly experience.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of airbrushing, there are now dozens of airbrush kits used for several different projects. Spraying paint on cars, motorbikes, metals surface, etc. are all typical applications of airbrushing.

Moreover, some people enjoy airbrushing on wood, paper or canvas. The airbrush never comes into contact with the artwork surface, and users can also adjust the width and rate of the spray stream.

All You Need To Know About An Airbrush Kit

Naturally, these benefits result in the creation of smooth gradients. You can quickly get sharp edges if you are using a stencil. Experts combine various techniques such as masking, layering, and friskets to add special effects to their creation. 

Beginners should choose a kit that is capable of forgiving their mistakes. Since most airbrush guns may require some time and practice before you start making patterns like a pro; it is essential that you choose an airbrush-gun that is built primarily for your level of expertise.

Moreover, you should also be ready to clean your kit regularly to maintain it for a prolonged time. Users who possess good motor skills find it easier to control an airbrush gun.

All needles and nozzles come in various sizes. The right kind of airbrush-nozzle or needle depends on the type of paint application you want. For instance, an artist working on commercial illustrations utilizes a fine airbrush-nozzle that discharges little paint, whereas an airbrush artist can use a larger nozzle to release more color.

Items In A Standard Airbrush Kit

Although, there is a wide range of products that come with a regular airbrush kit; the essential components remain the same. Here is a list of elements that you are most likely to receive in a standard airbrush kit.

The Airbrush

Many kits have multiple airbrushes featuring different capabilities. A few airbrush-kits include one airbrush for large areas, one for perfecting small detail one for little details and another one that you can use to perform both functions.

Some airbrush models are gravity-fed. This feature makes it easy for working on small details since they need less air pressure. While other kits may include siphon fed brushes, that pull paint up from a bottom mounted tank or reservoir.

The Airbrush Air Compressor

The airbrush offers the stream of compressed air that runs through the airbrush. The compressors are available in a large variety and are quieter than other types of compressors.

Other Components:

  • check
    Airbrush Paint
  • check
    Connection Hoses
  • check
    The Reservoir Bottle
  • check
    Brush Cleaner and Airbrush Paint Thinner and
  • check
    Bonus Items

We have formulated a comprehensive buying guide to highlight the best airbrush kits that are currently available on the market. You can choose a model according to your project needs or something that comfortably fits your budget.

Best Airbrush Kit

Before purchasing an airbrush, potential buyers must pay attention to the different components of the entire system. An airbrush is attached to a compressor through a hose. The air compressor regulates the air pressure which passes through the airbrush. There is a nozzle at the tip of the airbrush

There are other components that you must consider before purchasing a kit that we are going to discuss later in this guide.

Winner - Master Airbrush Kit With 6 U.S. Art Supply Primary Airbrush Colors

Topping our recommendations, the Master Airbrush Kit features 3 of the brand's most beautiful and best-selling airbrushes. The kit does not just offer tools buts make up an entire airbrushing system to help professional artists. 

The kit features a compressor along with an impressive six color set. One of the best things about this airbrush-kit is that it is beneficial for both amateur and expert users. If you are looking for a complete set of airbrushing tools for any project; it is a great idea to invest in this product.

Master Airbrush 3 Airbrush Kit with 6 U.S. Art Supply Primary

All components guarantee perfect nail art, tattoos, and fine art. The kit is also a valuable addition to any passionate baker who can use the guns to decorate cakes. Moreover, the airbrush-kit is also great for making graffiti.

Users get an exceptional quality airbrush with 1/3 oz and a gravity fluid cup. The efficient 0.33 mm needle allows the user to spray thin lines for working on smaller details. The three airbrushes come in G22, G25, and E91 models along with an air compressor (model TC-40).

The US Art Supply features six colors in 1-oz bottles for versatile painting. Users also receive a six-foot air hose, a 4-inch mixing wheel, and a compressor mounted airbrush holder. This kit is sure to never disappoint professional or amateur users, irrespective of the nature of their project.

The kit holds a good set of reviews on where over 200 buyers have purchased it for perfecting their artwork. You can order it today for just around $149 with free shipping.

Product Features:

  • check
    US Art Supply Airbrush Paint Kit
  • check
    6 Primary Acrylic Colors,
  • check
    User Guide with a Color Chart
  • check
    Professional Cool Running Air Compressor with pressure regulator along with holder for two airbrushes
  • check
    Three user-friendly and best selling airbrushes
  • check
    Perfect for beginner to advanced artists for quick and flawless applications
  • check
    Airbrush Cleaning Brushes

Runner-Up - Master Airbrush KIT-SP19-20

Reaching our runner-up spot, the Master Airbrush SP19-20 Paint Kit has everything you seek in an excellent quality airbrushing kit. It features a standard compressor and a handy how to brush manual to equip first-timers or amateurs. Without a doubt, it is the best airbrush system for the money. 

The kit offers incredible versatility since it includes 3 of the best selling airbrushes for a professional performance. Being multi-purpose, the SP 19-20 is best airbrush makeup kit for cosmetic applications. The model is also immensely popular for tattooing or decorating cakes.

Master Airbrush 3 Airbrush Kit with 6 U.S. Art Supply Primary

Moreover, it is also helpful in performing motorcycle graphic works or general art projects. The Master Airbrush SP19-20 is an affordable kit. Being a favorite item on Amazon, the airbrush-kit enjoys good reviews from over 100 customers. You can get hold of this impressive airbrushing system for just around $120 and get free shipping on Amazon.

Product Features:

  • check
    Three user-friendly and best selling airbrushes
  • check
    Comes with a How-To-Airbrush Manual
  • check
    Offers incredible versatility for finishing multiple projects
  • check
    An affordable kit for decorating, make-up, nail-art, tattooing, sunless tanning, cake decorating and fine art
  • check
    Single-action external mix siphon feed airbrush
  • check
    Dual-action airbrush
  • check
    Multi-Purpose Precision Dual-Action Siphon Feed Airbrush

Best Cake Airbrush Kit 

Complete Master Airbrush Cake Decorating Set

Airbrushes have now become the best tools to take your baking to the next level. Thanks to their fantastic capabilities; a few airbrushing kits are specially put together for cake decoration. We declare the Complete Master Airbrush Cake Decorating Set as a winner since it is an FDA-approved set.

Users receive a free instruction book. The kit is one of the best affordable airbrushing kits for beginners and novices. It features airbrush sets that make it easier for users to get creative with their cake decoration. It is a must-have kit for fervent bakers who are looking for a branded airbrushing solution. 

The kit features everything you require for beautifying your creations. It features an E92 Siphon Feed, a G34 Dual-action Airbrush as well as TC-20 Air Compressor.

Master Airbrush Cake Decorating Set

The product is an all-purpose kit for detailed and extensive decorating. Since a trusted brand manufactures the model, users are happy to get hold of a low-maintenance airbrush-kit that does not require any special care.

All components are easy to clean and maintain. That is an FDA approved and professional-grade airbrushing system that goes a long way toward improving your baking efforts. Amateurs may require some practice before becoming a pro to get the most out of the colors that come with the kit.

The kit is also a favorite gift item to equip a budding baker. The set has collected rave reviews from both users and critics. The model is available on for just around $99 with free shipping.

Product Features:

  • check
    E91 Siphon Feed Airbrush
  • check
    G34 Dual-Action Airbrush
  • check
    Free Manual to Help Amateurs
  • check
    12 Chefmaster Airbrush Food Colors
  • check
    Master Airbrush TC-20 Air Compressor

Best Beginner Airbrush Kit

Master Airbrush Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit

The best airbrushing kit for beginners is undeniably The Master Airbrush Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit. The set features a Master Model G22 Airbrush along with an instruction guide. The airbrush-kit is a favorite mainly because of its additional bonus items. Users also receive a storage case and nozzle wrench.

The machine features an efficient automatic turn on/shut off when it reaches a particular psi. Since it only turns on when the pressure is released, users not only benefit from a reasonable force but also a durable piece of equipment. Buyers particularly like the kit for it’s ‘how-to' instructional booklet that significantly helps amateurs and newbies to go creative with this kit.

Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit

The set is a massive hit among amateur artists who are looking for an affordable airbrushing kit to speed up their projects. Its 6-foot hose and a robust 1/5hp air compressor make it a handy addition to your equipment.

Over 600 customers have purchased the product from Amazon and are in love with its functional airbrush tools and accessories. If you are interested in buying this incredible kit, mainly designed for first-timers; then order it today for just around $68 with free shipping.

Product Features:

  • check
    Model G22 Airbrush
  • check
    Includes Masters versatile and best user-friendly and gravity feed airbrush
  • check
    User Manual and Guide Booklet for beginners
  • check
    Master Airbrush TC-20 Air Compressor

Best Dual Action Airbrush Kit

PointZero Airbrush Dual Action Airbrush Kit

Our top choice for the best dual action airbrush kit is the PointZero Airbrush Kit featuring three guns. The airbrush-kit has revolutionized the airbrush industry with its vital components. The airbrush-kit is engineered to cater to all kinds of designed to accommodate a wide range of tasks including tattooing, decorations or fine art. 

However, if you want to bake professional looking cookies, pastries, and cake; this is the kit that you must get hold of to decorate like a pro.

All accessories included in this airbrush-kit come under highest quality standards. All kits undergo rigorous quality checks to make sure each component is in perfect working condition. It is a multi-purpose kit that combines advanced engineering with user-friendly features.

PointZero Airbrush Dual Action Airbrush Kit with 3 Guns

The professional-grade compressor offers even air quality and pressure. The inclusion of some training guides dramatically helps in allowing you to become an expert in no time.

The kit also features 120 volts grounded power cord, the airbrush compressor, and a handy user manual. It is one of the most affordable airbrushing airbrush-kits that are available for an incredible price tag. Dozens of users have invested in this airbrush-kit to apply it in a variety of applications. Order it today for just $81 with free shipping.

Product Features:

  • check
    High quality airbrushing set with three guns
  • check
    Multipurpose kit
  • check
    Comes with seven exclusive downloadable e-Book guides
  • check
    Braided 6-foot air hose

What Type Of Airbrush Suits Your Needs?

Airbrushes are best tools for decorating nails, doing makeup, painting cars or clothes. They are also famous items for decorating cakes.

To begin your airbrushing procedure, users must purchase an airbrush, an applicable paint and a source such as a compressor. Thanks to the popularity of this technique, there is a wide range of airbrushes and multi-purpose kits that are specially designed to help both amateurs and professionals.

By doing a bit of research before beginning a project, users can easily find the right kind of airbrush that perfectly suits their needs.

Factors To Look For Before Purchasing An Airbrush

Here are the essential things you must look for in an airbrush kit.

Single Action Airbrush

This type of airbrush is perfect for amateurs or beginners. A single action airbrush gives you more control of the airflow. Users can easily handle it with a trigger. Such airbrushes are for durability and low-maintenance. Occasional users or first-timers can benefit from this type. It is particularly suitable for craft applications such as block painting.

Users can also utilize single action brushes for applying high viscosity paints.

Dual Action Airbrush

If you want to take control of both the flow of paint and the air; choose a double action airbrush. This type of tool allows you to be more creative and experiment with more complex gradients and effects; less than a millimeter wide!

Dual Action Airbrush.

Although, this type of brush requires a little practice and experience; once you master the art of; you can quickly create mesmerizing effects with a dual action airbrush.

It is convenient to hold but may not be suitable for painting large surfaces. Such airbrushes also require regular maintenance to function for more extended periods of time.

Gravity Feed

Most users usually choose gravity feed except they have some particular reason to opt for something else.

As its name suggests, gravity pulls the paint down to the nozzle's tip. That ensures a smooth and quick application. Not only, it is economical and uses less color; users also need to apply less air pressure to atomize the pain. That implies that it is even more helpful for working on more beautiful details than most configurations.

Siphon Feed

The tip of the nozzle garners low-pressure by fast-moving air that pulls the paint up through the stem to get atomized. Siphon feed requires a bit more air than a gravity feed airbrush, but since it can hold far more color, it makes up for it.

Side Feet

This type of airbrush is a blend of both siphon and gravity feed. If the paint level is below the nozzle tip, it is a siphon feed and if it is above; it’s a gravity feed.


The compressor is another crucial part of your airbrushing process. Users regulate the pressure of air delivered with the help of a compressor. It is common for a few models to be noisier, bulkier and expensive.

Moreover, some of the models also require substantial maintenance. Make sure you choose a compressor equipped with a filter. That will help to avoid condensation in the tank, mainly if the ambient air is humid.


Ideally, you should have a decent range of needles and airbrush-nozzles to create your desired lines easily. A set within 0.2 to 0.5mm is best as a starter.

A medium and professional airbrush-set offers the best mix of both and fine and broad details.

Airbrush nozzle.

Since the needles and nozzles are very fragile, it is easy for an amateur user to damage them during disassembly. Go for models with spare needles and nozzles. Moreover, check the price, so replacements don't cost you too much in the long run.

Gravity Fluid Cup

Users add the paints or whatever other material they are using to airbrush onto surfaces. Make sure you check how much the fluid cup can hold.


If you are purchasing a whole kit, make sure it is not too heavy. If you need to carry your airbrush gun when you are traveling, weight is an essential option for you.


Understand the size and aspects of an airbrush gun and its components. This way you can plan for its proper storage space.

Different Types Of Paints

In addition to the components mentioned above, users also need to find out the kind of paint which is the most appropriate choice for their needs. Although, a few colors may be used for different disciplines, selecting an application-specific paint will give you the best results.

  • Nail Art Paint - This pain is designed to dry quickly like any other nail polish.
  • Hobby Paint - This general airbrush paint is appropriate for resin, ceramic, plastic, metal and wood. It is a perfect pain for model airplanes, cars or other projects. There are many types of hobby colors for different materials.
  • Fabric Paint - These paints are often heat-setting which implies that the color sets appropriately after drying at high heat or ironing. Fabric paints cannot be washed out as the viscosity of this paint is engineered for maximum absorption into the cloth.
  • Automotive Airbrush Paints - These paints are acrylic enamels and ensure long-term durability. Since cars are vulnerable to many types of external elements, it is important to purchase good quality automotive that resist fading under sunlight.
  • Temporary Tattoo Ink - Body art paint or airbrush tattoo ink is designed to stay on our skin for a least a week or longer. It is durable and waterproof and non-toxic.
  • Edible Tints and Dyes - Approved food colorings go into decorating cakes and other food items through airbrushing.


Airbrushes are favorite tools for decorating, makeup, painting and a host of other applications. Their convenience and popularity have led to the creation of hundreds of multi-purpose kits that are manufactured to help both amateur and professional users.

We have summed up all crucial aspects you need to know before beginning your airbrushing venture. It is essential to understand the anatomy of an airbrush and how it works to apply different kinds of paints on any given surface.


Airbrushes and Airbrush kits are a valuable addition to any professional or first-time user for finishing all kinds of projects. Since there are too many products and airbrush-kits that are available for affordable price tags; there is no reason why are unable to find what you seek.

Choose the best airbrush kit according to your needs from our buying guide. All products reviewed come from reputed manufacturers that are known for delivering high-quality products to their users.

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