Master Airbrush KIT-SP7B-40 Airbrush Kit Review

Master Airbrush KIT-SP7B-40 Airbrush Kit Review

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or at a beginner level, airbrushing is a new technique that has interested many people in the field. It helps in painting surfaces evenly, and its applications aren't limited to painting itself. You can use the airbrush for a variety of purposes involving crafts, body art and much more.

However, the sophisticated design of such a tool makes it imperative that you choose the right one. That is true because the airbrush-kit comes with so many parts and requires a compressor to work. Master Airbrush is a pioneer in airbrushing supplies and has set a universal standard for its competitors.

Master Airbrush 3 Airbrush Kit with 6 U.S. Art Supply Primary

The Master Airbrush KIT-SP7B-40 is a new addition to their lineup of impressive and versatile kits that will suit artists of all levels.

Product Inclusions and Features

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    G22 Model Airbrush Set (x1) - Dual-action airbrush, 1/3 oz. Gravity Fluid Cup, 0.3 mm needle and nozzle
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    G25 Model Airbrush Set (x1) - Dual-action Gravity Feed Airbrush, 1/16 oz. Gravity Fluid Cup, 0.2 mm needle and nozzle
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    E91 Model Airbrush Set (x1) - Single-action, Siphon Feed, External Mix, 0.8 mm tip, 3/4 oz. Siphon feed bottles (x2), 1/8” inlet for air
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    Cool Running Air Compressor TC-40 Model (x1) - Single-piston air compressor, Air Pressure Regulator, Water Trap filter and Gauge, Airbrush Holders are Built-in 
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    Airbrush Primary Color Paints from US Art Supply (x6) - Includes Airbrush Thinning Reducer, Includes Airbrush Cleaner
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    6’ Braided air hose (x1)
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    4” Mixing wheel for colors (x1)
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    Airbrush cleaning brushes (x5)
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    Manual and Guidebook

Product Benefits

This exceptional kit includes three of Master Airbrush’s best-selling airbrush sets. Each one is specially designed with unique features to give artists the ultimate airbrush experience. The Model G22 airbrush set is a staple among many of the kits.

It’s a multi-purpose, dual action airbrush which comes with a fluid cup that holds the pigment. Featuring a 0.3 needle and nozzle, this one allows you to spray lines that are as wide as a hairline to those which are 1½” thick.

Master Airbrush 3 Airbrush Kit with 6 U.S. Art Supply Primary

Moreover, the model G25 airbrush comes with the Master Airbrush KIT-SP7B-40, and one of its highlights is unmatched precision. This gravity feed airbrush set also comes with a 1/16-oz fluid cup while the needle and nozzle are 0.2 mm which means precise patterns that have a maximum width of 1”.

While the G22 and G25 models are dual-action, the E91 is a single action airbrush. That is an external mix airbrush with a siphon feed feature. The E91 set comes with two siphon-feed bottles that have a capacity of 3/4 oz. while the airbrush has a tip of 0.8 mm and a 1/8" air inlet.

 You can use this model with the compressor that's provided with the kit or the included hose and adapter as well.

The Master Airbrush KIT-SP7B-40 kit comes with the TC-40 model air compressor. The Cool Running model is a single-piston airbrush air compressor that provides excellent performance and quality. It’s developed with an air pressure regulator so that professional artists can have greater convenience while using the airbrush.

The airbrush holders are built-in with the compressor so that you can focus on the art instead of worrying about holding the tool.

Of course, no Master Airbrush kit is complete without a set of paints and the KIT-SP7B-40 features six US Art Supply airbrush paints. Aside from the primary colors red, blue and yellow, you'll also find green, white and black to help you mix unique shades.

In addition to that, you'll also see that the airbrush cleaner and thinning reducer is included to help you with the post-painting process. You can use the airbrush cleaner with the 5-piece cleaning brush set that comes with the airbrush-kit to help you get paint out of those tight spots.

The 6' air hose is supplied to you in the package to save you the trouble of getting one yourself while the inclusion of a 4" color wheel will help you mix different shades that you need. 

A manual and guide are included to help you get started on a new hobby.  It contains all the essential guidelines to help you airbrush efficiently and perfect your skills through continuous practice. The kit has many purposes, so you don't have to restrict yourself to paintings. Move on to beauty, nail art and even professional cake decoration with the help of this handy kit.


  • Versatile kit for various uses
  • Three brushes for different width of patterns
  • Warranty included
  • Complete cleaning tools included for easy cleanup
  • Comprehensive guide for beginners included

What Others Are Saying

The Master Airbrush KIT-SP7B-40 has received praise from art enthusiasts and specialists alike. Buyers of the kit have commented on the inclusion of three different airbrush sets and how it helps them in making different styles of patterns and designs.

Reviews praise the availability of separate bottles which each ensures that users don’t have to clean out a single one continuously.

The cleaning brush set was found to be the highlight among testimonials. That is because it avoided the troublesome situation of paint becoming clogged in the airbrush. Many have updated their reviews by claiming that using the airbrush is not only convenient but enjoyable as well.

Buying Advice

Interested buyers can purchase the Master Airbrush KIT-SP7B-40 from Amazon at the affordable price, under $141. Moreover, upon getting this product from Amazon, you can avail the exclusive benefit of free shipping.

Master Airbrush 3 Airbrush Kit with 6 U.S. Art Supply Primary

Lastly, the warranty on this product is something you wouldn’t want to miss. All three of the airbrush sets come with a full year warranty while the Cool Running Air compressor comes with a 2-year warranty of its own.

Final Verdict

The Master Airbrush KIT-SP7B-40 kit is a staple product that every artist needs. It’s highly affordable and suits a wide range of purposes which mean you’ll have one all-rounder kit that can do it all.

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